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What is CB Scheme, CB Certificate and CB Test Report? [ÖĞÎÄ°æ]

Ÿ  The IECEE CB Scheme is the world¡¯s first truly international system for acceptance of test reports dealing with the safety of electrical and electronic products. It is multilateral agreement among participating countries and certification organizations. A manufacturer utilizing a CB test report issued by one of these organizations can obtain national certification in all other member countries of the CB Scheme.

Ÿ  The Scheme is based on the use of international (IEC) Standards. If some members¡¯ national standards are not yet completely harmonized with IEC Standards, national differences are permitted if clearly declared to all other members. The CB Scheme utilizes CB Test Certificates to attest that product samples have successfully passed the appropriate tests and are in compliance with the requirements of the relevant IEC Standard and with the declared national differences of various member countries.

Ÿ  The main objective of the Scheme, is to facilitate trade by promoting harmonization of the national standards with international Standards and cooperation among product certifiers worldwide in order to bring product manufacturers a step closer to the ideal concept of ¡°one product, one test, one mark, where applicable¡°.

Ÿ  CB Test Certificate is a formal CB Scheme document issued by an authorized NCB to inform other NCBs that a sample of the product tested was found to be in compliance with the applicable requirements. CB Test Certificate should not be used for advertising purpose, however reference to the existence of a CB Test Certificate is permitted.

Ÿ  CB Test Report is a standardized report in a clause by clause checklist format referencing, the requirements of the relevant IEC Standard. The report provides clear and unambiguous results of all the required tests, measurements, verifications, inspections and evaluations. It also contains photographs, circuit schematics, artwork drawings as well as description of the product. Under the rules of the CB Scheme, a CB Test Report is considered valid only if accompanied by a CB Test Certificate.

Ÿ  An NCB can test and evaluate products to national differences of other countries if it has the necessary test equipment and expertise. These additional tests are documented in the Supplements to the CB Test Report which are generally accepted by the recognizing NCBs.

Ÿ  At present, there are 16 categories of products covered by the CB Scheme. The test results can be mutually recognized by 43 members and also be recognized by the countries out of CB Scheme. The members of IECEE-CB Scheme are:

Ÿ  Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, India, Japan, Rep. of Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Thailand, Malaysia and Mexico.

Use of CB Certificate and CB Test Report

1. Transfer to International Certificate:

If you have obtained CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report, you can apply for the certification of other countries directly. The certification organization will evaluate the CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report in which national difference is included, and samples may be requested for checking if necessary. If the evaluation result meets the requirements, you will obtain the approval of that country without any additional testing.

2. Transfer to China Compulsory Product Certification (CCC)

China accepts the CB Test Report and the CB Test Certificate, to facilitate foreign manufacturers to obtain the CCC Certificate.

3. Accepted By Some Countries Directly

Your products with CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report can be exported to some countries directly

The Advantage of Having CB Test Certificate

The CB Scheme may provide significant benefits to those manufactures who wish to export their products to countries that participate in the Scheme.

Such manufactures can:

- Select and deal with one NCB of their choice.

- Have their products tested only by that NCB, including testing to the national differences of the product¡¯s destination countries.

- Use the CB Test Report and Certificate obtained from one NCB to obtain national approvals in many other member countries through their participating NCBs.

Although the manufacturer is required to submit an Application and may also be required to submit a product sample in the country of destination, no additional testing is needed, and only administrative work should be involved in processing such Applications. Applications for obtaining certifications based on CB Test Certificates and CB Test Reports are given priority over other Applications as no testing is involved.

Notes: You can obtain the CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report without factory quality system inspection.

The Procedures to Obtain the CB Test Certificate

The applicant should be manufacturer or their agent/agent organization. The application can cover one or several manufacturers, who produce the products in one or several countries. Please notice, if the applicant is the agent of the manufacturer, the CB Test Certificate will be held by the agent of the manufacturer according to the CB procedure.

The following documents should be provided while applying for CB Certificate:

The name and the address of applicant;

The name and the address of the manufacturer if it is not different from the applicant;

One or multiple name and address of the factory that produce the same products;

The name, type, specifications and the nameplate of the products;

The registration document of the applicant (for initial application);

The technical document of the products (if necessary);

The information of the contact person, such as name, telephone number, fax number and address.

Fill in the Pre-Application for CB Test Certificate of Electrical Equipment

China Quality Certification Center(CQC) will review the application document. The applicant will receive the formal CB Application Form together with the invoice after the application is accepted. CB Application Form should be filled in English, and should be provided with two copies.

After the CB Application Form is accepted by the CQC, GTIHEA, as one of the CB testing lab will inform you the sample requirements. GTIHEA will conduct the testing and issue the CB Test Report in the specified time frame after receiving the samples. Generally, the CB Test Report should be issued in one month according to the requirement of IECEE.

The director of CQC will sign and issue the CB Test Certificate after CQC finishes the evaluation work for CB Test Report and the relevant application document.